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Pet Product Testing 

Utilizing custom designed testing procedures with live animal environment, Enspra's  agile capabilities enable you to quickly receive the results you need for your company's products! 

Your company will receive easy to understand data which is supported with photos, video, charts, etc. This info can be used internally at your organization or for your marketing purposes. 

Contact us today for  a meeting to discuss your project! 

Dog on Blue

Enspra Sets Standards

Don't just take our word for it: Enspra is a member of ASTM International and contributes to Sub Committee F15.05 for pet product testing. 

Cat and Dog

Natural Environment 

The animals used in our testing actually live in the environments, allowing a natural flow and most accurate results. They vary in age, size, and preferences. They receive the best veterinary care and are genuinely happy, healthy, and ready to help! 

Food & Water Testing 

Do you specialize in food, food dishes, water containers, or treats? We are here to help! 

Two Bowls of Pet Food
Going for a Drive

Restraint & Harnesses

All of our furry residents are accustomed to travel, walks, and even our cats get harness time. We use real world testing in home, public, and vehicles for harness and restraint systems. 

Toys & Exercise Time

Whether you need data on cat climbing and clawing, ruff chewers, ease of use, etc., we will custom design testing protocols for your products!

Cats at Home
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