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Sanitizing Elevator



Enspra designs custom indoor environmental testing methods for each clients' needs. From our Cleaning Process Audits to in-depth bacterial tracking on surfaces, Enspra will help find the answers to the questions your team has been asking. 

Connecting Dots
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Our Cleaning Process Audits help to uncover and define weak points in your total cleaning system from products to processes to people.


Rapid, easy to read reports with definitive numbers showing trends of microbial counts on high touch surfaces, post cleaning, to help to establish a true picture of where your facility or fleet stand, putting you in better control.

Enspra set standards and protocols for surface testing of mass transit based on the APTA Standards Development White Paper APTA-SS-ISS-WP-001-20. 

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By using Enspra's Cleaning Process Auditing, which includes ATP Surface Testing, cleaning practices can be effectively evaluated and problem areas are quickly and easily discovered and corrected. 

Our teams test a percentage of your fleet and facilities on an ongoing schedule, turning out quick, easy to interpret reports. Our methods were developed based on CDC, EPA, and APTA recommendations. 

Confidentiality, security, and accuracy are the top priorities at Enspra. Data is never shared beyond authorized individuals. 

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