Enspra was born out of a need to help the community business owners during the global pandemic. The President, Jessie Tait was heartbroken over her fellow small business owners having to close down their life's work while trying to do the right thing. She, too, had to temporarily shut down her small business and decided to volunteer, sanitizing police vehicles for local municipalities. But the same question always came up, "How long does this last?" And she hated the answer, which was "Well, until another affected person touches it."

Disinfecting helped, but she wanted to bring a more permanent solution to her community. Through extensive research and late nights, she was able to connect and form a relationship with NanoVapor Biotech, a medical tech company at the forefront of the pandemic mitigation. Through this partnership, training, and labor of love, Enspra is here for you. We are ready to make your world safer for your loved ones, your employees, your customers, and of course, YOU! 

Not good enough. 
Jessie Tait
President, Founder

Jessie lives in McCandless, PA with her husband, Lee, owner of Tait Engineering, her step-son, Kevin, and their cats. She is an avid traveler, has a passion for motorsports, and loves attending live music events.


Prior to Enspra, she was an Air Force brat, growing up on military bases around the country, then enlisting into the USAF herself. Injured during training, Jessie received an honorable medical discharge and began to reshape her future. She attended Penn State Behrend as a marketing major, then settled in Pittsburgh in 2003.


She spent most of her career as an architectural and engineering consultant specializing in lighting and fenestration on commercial builds around the world. After the 2008 market crash, she went into senior healthcare as a director of marketing for several years before returning to construction. 


As much as she loved her career, Jessie realized it was finally time to make the change from employee to employer in 2018, buying a home inspection franchise and has never looked back! Enspra started as a need and has quickly grown into a passion/obsession and endless hours are spent researching biotech and how to adapt it for every day needs. 

Fun Fact: She attended film stunt driving school and has owned a multitude of motorcycles and cars.