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Did you know that 80% of infectious diseases are spread through touch?

Moving to a new home? 

Building a new home? 

Have an immunocompromised loved one? 

Or do you just want to keep your family and pets safer?

Enspra is here to help with the reduction of microbes living in your home, no matter where you live. 

Live safer at home.

Kills 99.97% of VIRUSES/BACTERIA/MOLDS on contact

and keeps killing for up to 90 days


Who can benefit? 

Immunocompromised Individuals

Whether you or a loved one is going through chemo, radiation, had a recent transplant, or have an autoimmune disorder, our program adds a tool to your "wellness belt" by reducing the risk of harmful microbes in your home. A healthier environment can reduce the risk of infections and rehospitalization, adding one big piece to your health and recovery plan!

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New Home Owners

Building or buying your dream home is the most exciting time! You've labored and fretted over every single decision that goes into your new house! However, although it may look clean on closing day, chances are, many people have been crawling through your home just the day before.


Make sure that when you take your first steps in, that they are onto a safe and sanitized environment for you and your family, both the 2 and 4 legged type! 



Allergy Sufferers

Whether you are a seasonal, mold, or environmental allergy sufferer, Enspra's treatment helps to reduce all molds/bacteria/viruses by 99.97%! Breathe easier in your home today! 

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