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Pandemic Response Plan

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We offer a variety of commercial services for surface microbe protection and are ready to quickly deploy for mitigation when the need arises.


Our teams have been helping companies plan for and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic with long lasting self disinfecting surfaces. We have been all over the nation setting risk mitigation plans and disinfecting.


If you are looking for a reliable source to help your company during this time, you’ve come to the right place.


Emergency Decontamination

Emergency decontamination for a pandemic is something companies have never had to think about. Now, when an employee or occupant has been in your building and becomes ill what do you do? Some States might recommend shutting down the business for days or weeks. Others have orders to decontaminate the commercial building before occupants may return. Regardless, our emergency decontamination service is about making your building safe for re-entry. You can enter immediately after the service is complete. Whether you are looking for a one time disinfection or our long lasting protectant, Enspra has the solution you need. 

Preventative Measures

Looking to Disinfect & Protect? Enspra's pandemic service is a great way to mitigate exposure in your facility. With our long lasting, self disinfecting surface application, your people will be and feel safer. Discounts are available for contracts of two or more treatments. Our One Year Protection Plan is our most popular, and our clients who take advantage of our Two Year Protection Plan save the most, long term! 

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