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What seems like magic,
is science at work.

We mimicked nature’s most precious secret to develop a cleaning solution that is 100% environmentally friendly and lasts longer than regular disinfectants

Inspired by  nature’s innovations.

There are many plants and insects with antimicrobial surfaces which protect them from   bacteria. The wings of a cicada for example, are known to have bactericidal surfaces that kill microbes coming in contact with them. 

The wings of a dragonfly and the skin of a geko are other examples on how anti-microbial surfaces are naturally produced. The bactericidal effects of these surfaces are due to the presence of sharp nanostructures (spikes) with an average height of 200 nm. 

These spikes pierces into the bacterial cell wall upon contact, and rupture it, thereby killing the bacteria. Click here to learn more about how nature uses nanotechnology


NanoVapor Biotech’s OMNISOL Line of Products are  biostatic agents that bond to a surface and form a nanolayer of microscopic spikes about one thousandth the diameter of a human hair, just the right size to pierce the cell walls of various microbes and destroy them. 

The positively charged layer attracts negatively charged bacteria  and kills them without the use of poisons or metals, meaning it is a green solution for inhibiting microbial growth and will not result in antimicrobial-resistant “superbugs.”


These unique products remain bound to almost any surface for around 90 days. Our test strips will assure you that the nanolayer of OMNISOL is still working or let you know when it is nearing time to reapply it.

Nature-inspired nanosurfaces kill viruses and bacteria on contact.

Our innovative solutions use the exact same process as nature. When you look at a surface treated with our technology under the microscope, you will see the exact same nanospikes as the one happening in nature. The surface becomes a “self-disinfecting” surface with a long-lasting protection. Just like nature.

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