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Capabilities Statement

Enspra Corporation - Protecting Your World

Enspra Corporation is a Woman/Veteran Owned small business located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are a biotech company which specializes in keeping the public safer from viruses, bacteria, and molds through several approaches. Enspra works with public transit, local, state, and federal government, as well as large corporate accounts and can travel nationally.

Core Capabilities:

  • Clean Process Auditing: We use laboratory equipment to test the cleanliness of surfaces post cleaning by doing a total microbial count and providing reports. This helps establish which practices, processes, products, and crews are working effectively. We complete these tasks in facilities and fleets of vehicles.

  • Disinfection: Utilizing antimicrobial nano-coatings, Enspra disinfects, sanitizes, and installs nano-spikes on hard and soft surfaces to aid in the prevention of surface transmitted diseases. EPA N listed products used help to kill viruses/bacteria/mold for up to 90 days in between treatments

  • Dermal Protectant: Enspra BioDerm is a whole-body skin protectant which is water based and lasts up to 8 hours on hands through washings, and 24 hours on skin. This helps prevent the spread of diseases, as well as protecting wounds from bacterial infections. Biologically safe.

Major Clients:

  • Port Authority of Allegheny County

  • Allegheny County Offices

  • Franklin Park Police Department

  • McCandless Police Department

  • Northern Regional Police Department


  • 561720

  • 424690

  • 541380

Enspra Corporation

Year of Incorporation 2020

DUNS: 044591390



Contact: Jessie Tait, President



                (877) 780-6400


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